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Document Date:  10 January 2011
     3 Mar 2011 - Allow nibs 624 (OYO)
     8 Oct 2010 - Allow either nibs 7224 or 7225
                - Write to an file named either 7224 or 7225 that should be
                  linked (ln -s) or aliased to the proper device name.
     23 Jul 2008 - Allow two plotfiles by using the first half of each.



Writes a SIOSEIS formatted rasterfile to a file that is linked to a raster plotter attached to the computer via /dev usage: versatec plot-filename-1 [plot-filename-2] Program VERSATEC reads an SIOSEIS plot file generated with parameter nibs 7224 or 7225 and writes it to a file name " 624", "7224" or "7225" that is linked to the plotter device. R/V Marcus Langseth has an Atlantek thermal raster plotter attached on computer STACKER. Program VERSATEC must be run on STACKER and file "7225" should be created using: ln -s /dev/ihcp0 7225 The program continuously checks for the plotfile being appended and terminates only with the unix kill command or a control-c. If two plotfiles are given, then the first half of each plot line is used and thus the first plot will appear over the second plot. Written by: Paul Henkart, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, December 1999 Copyright (C) The Regents of The University of California All Rights Reserved.