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PROCS is the method of describing the order of processing. The process names must be listed IN THE ORDER OF DESIRED PROCESSING. The list must start with PROCS and is terminated with END. The process names must be separated by blanks or tabs. The process names may be upper or lower case.

The available processess as of August 2009 are:

Several pre-PROCS directives may be given. The directive MUST be given BEFORE the PROCS directive.
EDIT indicates that the SIOSEIS parameters will be checked for syntax and validity without any data being processed.
NOECHO indicates that most of the ASCII output (stdout) will be supressed.
DEBUG will cause the name of each process to be printed just before it is entered.
REALTIME indicates that process DISKIN will will wait for additional trace. PLOT and SEGDDIN could be made realtime - contact the author for further information

EXAMPLE: procs input geom wbt gather nmo stack output decon filter plot end


  1. The process' parameters do not have to be in the same order as they are in the PROCS list.
  2. The process' parameters may be given even if the process is not applied or in the PROCS list.
  3. A process may be applied to the data more than once, however the process' parameters should be given only once.
  4. Duplicate process' parameters cause the last set to be used.
  5. The PROCS list should be the first set of parameters.

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