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                               PROCESS FK2TX
                               ------- -----

Parameters, alphabetically:
ihdrpath  kill      opad      path1     path2

Document Date: 17th October 1988    version 1.0    a.j. harding
     31 August 2005 - Add parameter KILL.

Process FK2TX transforms from the FK (frequency-wavenumber) domain into
the TX (time-space) domain.  The data MUST have been transformed into
the FK domain using process TX2FK.

Most FK2TX jobs will not require any parameters since the basic FK
information is stored in the SEG-Y headers.  A null set of parameters
may be given by:

--------- ----------

PATH1    - This is where input FK traces are accumulated prior to back back 
           transformation. It is deleted after back transformation, and before
           the output tx data are written to disk.  Thus it is usually safe to 
           put this file in the same directory as the final output.  If 
           procedure TX2FK is present in the procs list then this scratch file
           is the same as the 2nd scratch file of TX2FK. Care should be taken 
           not to specify this file twice. Only the first filename will be used
           by SIOSEIS.
           Default: Implementation dependent.

PATH2    - The name of the second scratch file to be used by SIOSEIS.
           Default: Implementation dependent.

IHDRPATH - Filename containing a set of original TX trace headers that were 
           written by process TX2FK. These headers will be added to the TX 
           traces after transformation. On the assumption that a 2-D process was
           performed in F-K all traces will be marked live and all mute entries
           will be zeroed in the header.  This parameter is useful when
           SEG-Y header information, such as the trace range, need to be
           retained.  (The FK domain contains half the number of traces
           of the TX domain, thus the SEG-Y traces headers are omitted).

OPAD     - YES. All padding both in time and range added to data prior to 2-D 
           FFT will be output.
           Preset NO.

END      - Terminates each parameter list

Copyright (C) by The Regents of The University of California, 1992
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