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                              PROCESS HISTORY
                              ------- -------

Document Date: 28 May 1997

Process HISTORY keeps a running history or log of the SIOSEIS
processing steps.  The log is an ASCII file that may be edited
with a text editor.  The log file is appended each time it is opened
so the log can contain information about multiple SIOSEIS runs.

Two lines are always appended to the file stating the start
time of the job and the list of processes.  A terminating line is 
also written when the job completes normally.  e.g.
Job      1 started on Thu Feb 13 11:41:57 1997, SIOSEIS ver 97.2 (13 Feb. 1997)
Job      1 finished on Thu Feb 13 11:41:57 1997

HISTORY may be placed anywhere in the PROCS list, but will
operate only on the first and last trace of the job.

The history file may be plotted prior to plots on the HP DesignJet
plotters by using paramter SLPATH (side label) in program SIO2HP.

--- --------- ----------

HPATH  - The filename of the HISTORY file.
         REQUIRED.      e.g.  hpath ew9607.line1.hist

ALL    - When set to YES, all user given parameters are
         logged.  The entire SIOSEIS parameter script is
         copied to the history file.
         Preset = NO       e.g.  all yes

A      - Append mode.  A method of entering any text into the log
         file.  This is similar to the append mode of many text
         editors.  The append mode is terminated by a placing
         a period or dot in the first character of a line, as
         in the "ed" editor,e.g.
         This line is inserted into the log file.
         Remember to terminate with a period in column 1.

END    - Terminates each parameter list.

Written and copyrighted (c) by:
Paul Henkart, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, February 1997
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