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HOTRAX05- The 2005 Healy-Oden Trans-Arctic Expedition was the second U.S. surface ship to cross the Arctic Ocean. The U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Healy left Dutch Harbor, Alaska, on August 5, 2005, conducted various geophysical experiments and reach the North Pole on September 12. After the Pole, it took more than a week to get through 200 miles of heavy ice pack, reaching Tromso, Norway on September 30, 2005.

Paul Henkart is a Geophysical Analyst (computer programmer) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA. He spent 12 years in oil exploration with Texaco in Houston and Calgary before joining Scripps in 1978. He's not a desk-bound programmer but has spent a couple of years on ships collecting seismic data.

Paul at "Ice Liberty"

The slide show:

2005 Healy-Oden Trans-Arctic Expedition

Healy's ship track

Bald eagles are protected.

Healy and Oden track

USCG Cutter Healy. Note Aloft con, living quarters above waterline, flag on bow

Healy characteristics

Swedish icebreak Oden

Swedish icebreak Oden - note square bow and water jets

Data Collection Types



Wandering lead

Grease ice

Ice flowers

Pancake ice

Shifting ice

USCG helo

Swedish helo "Hotel India"

Ship track from helo

Ice Liberty

Blue ice pond

Polar bear guard

Looking down while breaking ice

Multibeam echosounder

Multibeam contour map (topography map)

Sub-bottom profiler

Eos figure

Multi-Channel Seismics

Comparison of SBP and MCS over gas seeps

Multibeam contour map (topography map)

Airgun bubble

Yngve's tube

Yngve's depressor

Watching for ice under the guns

Bears between ships

Streamer on ice

Stuck streamer


Sliced core

Sonobuoy - 1

Sonobuoy - 1

Sonobuoy - 3

Ice drill

Lonely polar bear guard

Another ice drill

Ice party with EM

Dirty ice

SIO CTD from Oden

Craned home

Japanese permanent ice station

North Pole documentation (4224m depth, -5.2C, 23Kt wind)

North Pole liberty

Snowboarding at North Pole

Soccer at North Pole

Japenese EM

North Pole mailbox


North Pole brew

North Pole golf

North Pole biking

North Pole runner


Arctic Circle, International Dateline, North Pole ceremony

Back and ram

Ice ridge

Sun dog

Water sky

Operating table in mess

Hello bear

Bye bye bear


Bloody ice

What's happening to the ice

Why it's important

How to split it up

Multi-year ice

Ice thickness