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SIO2HP                                               13 May 2008

     SIO2HP converts up to 9 SIOSEIS plotfiles to HP-RTL (HP Raster
 Transfer Language) used by the HP DesignJet plotters.

     The newer DesignJet plotters ( series 2500 and up ) must be set,
via the printer's console, in order to plot RTL.  "Turn on" the 
printer's nesting feature so that the RTL file will be held in the
printer's queue long enough for the printer to process and print the
file.  Follow the steps below to turn the nesting feature on:
1.  Using the Arrow keys on the printer's front panel, scroll to
    the Job management menu and press Enter. 
2.  Scroll to Queue = and make sure the Queue is set to ON. 
3.  Scroll to Nest settings and press Enter. 
4.  Highlight Nest = and press Enter. 
5.  Select ON and press Enter. 
6.  Press the Back key until the main menu is reached. 
7.  Attempt to print the RTL file. 
HP reference

	The plot must be sent to the plotter using the Unix lp or lpr
command and the printer/plotter driver must be configured NOT to use
a filter on the file since SIO2HP creates all HP-RTL commands.  See below
for use of CUPS, the Common Unix Printing System.

  --------- ----------

  IPATH - The list of up to 9 SIOSEIS plotfiles, each pathname
          separated by a blank or new line.

  OPATH - The output file pathname.

  HEADER - A yes/no switch.  When set to YES, the EBCDIC SEG-Y
           header is printed prior to the seismic plot.

  SLPATH - The side label pathname.  This file must ASCII.  Only
           the first 80 characters of each line are printed.
           HEADER and SLPATH may NOT be used simultaneously.
  MARGIN - The size of the margin at the top of EACH plot (at the top
           edge and between multiple plots).  SIOSEIS allows 8
           characters in the plot annotation, but the plotter
           can not plot the first two (.2 inches) when MARGIN = 0.
           PRESET = .5
  END   - Terminate the SIO2HP parameters.

sios2hp << eof
ipath siofil1 siofil2 opath hpfil header yes end

ipath siofil slpath hist margin 1 opath hpfil end

*****   NOTE   ****
1)  If the SIOSEIS plot is truncated, make sure that the plotter
is configured to accept long plots.  On some HP 755CM plotters,
the page size defaults on powering up to "software".  This setting
must be overridden via the plotter console to "inked area".

                 CUPS - Common UNIX Printing System
*****   As of OSX 10.5.8 the CUPS GUI is broken and printers can not be added.
*****  Furthermore, Apple System Preferences doesn't allow adding raw print drivers.
      Most Unix systems include CUPS for managing printers.  CUPS is a
graphical system accessed through any browser via the URL  Root privileges are necessary.   CUPS source
code may be obtained from http:://www.cups.org
      HP-RTL plotting requires the lp/lpr commands to pass the RTL file
to the plotter unmodified, or raw.  I advise that you create a new
or unique plotter entry that will be used just for HP-RTL files.  The
RTL entry should not be used to send PostScript files to the plotter.
      Once you have entered CUPS, click on "manage printers".  The entry
for a properly configured RTL plotter is:
Description: HP5000
Location: barnyard
Printer Driver: Local Raw Printer
Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published. 
Device URI: socket://bonnard.ucsd.edu:9100

      The key elements are "Raw Printer" and the ":9100".  If there
isn't such an entry, step back and click on "Add Printer".  Enter the
login name and password.  I suggest a name with the suffix -rtl (e.g.
     Next, select    "AppSocket/HP JetDirect"
     Next, enter     "socket://hostname:9100"      
                  (e.g. socket://bonnard.ucsd.edu:9100)
     Next, for Make, select   "Raw"
     Next, for Model/Driver, select "Raw Queue (en)"
     Next, select no banners.
     Add printer.

               MacIntosh OSX 10.5.X and higher
     cd /etc/cups
     sudo vi printers.conf
     append (and edit) the following:

Info DesignJet 800ps
Location Langseth
DeviceURI socket://192.XX.XX.XX:9100
State Idle
StateTime 1210638469
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer

     Stop and start cupsd (reboot) and check for the printer via