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Usage: suntops [-irq] [-h height] [-w width] [# copies] [file]

Suntops converts a Sun rasterfile to a PostScript image. The rasterfile is read from either the standard input or the specified file. The PostScript image is written to the standard output.

If the rasterfile contains colormaps, then (by default) the pixels are converted to gray levels by the formula: gray = 0.3 * red[pixel] + 0.59 * green[pixel] + 0.11 * blue[pixel]

i - inverse. Invert the quantization of the printed image (i.e., reverse the output gray scale).
r - rotate 90 degrees. Useful for printing landscape-mode rasterfiles on portrait-mode printers.
q - qmscs100. Generate color PostScript output suitable for printing on a QMS ColorScript 100 printer.
h - Set the maximum output image height to height inches (default 9).
w - Set the maximum output image width to width inches (default 7.5).
# - Set the number of copies to be printed.

suntops -w 8 -h 10.5 < sunfil > psfil

James Frew. (frew@hub.ucsb.edu)