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Document date: 25 May 2006

      VPICK is an interactive velocity picker using SIOSEIS semblance
and MATLAB contouring and picking.  The script referenced below should
be modified for different sioseis processing parameters such as diskin
parameter SET to control the start and end dat a times.

EXAMPLE - Click here

      The VPICK script requires use of a three button mouse where
the left most button is used for picking; the middle button erases
the last pick; and the right button terminates the Matlab picking
for the rp.

EXAMPLE:  vpick grampus:17.0 \
/export/home2/scratch/ew0210/seismic/line20/data/dkgath700 \
dkgath700.vpicks 1000 100 2000
    produced file dkgath700.vpicks
  fno 1000 vtp 1463 3.077 1514 3.848 1608 4.479 1938 5.549 end
  fno 1100 vtp 1504 3.147 1597 4.234 1713 4.427 1954 5.829 end


input-file - The SEG-Y file containing the gathers (rps or cmp sorted).
             In order to reduce disk I/O, it may be wise to have a 
             separate file containing only those gathers that will be
             used for velocity picking.

start_rpnum - The first rp number in the input-file to use.

rpnum_inc - An optional parameter when picking multiple rps.  The
            increment to use between start_rpnum and end_rpnum.

end_rpnum - The last rp to use when doing multiple analysis.  The
            vpick script may be aborted (control-c) anytime with
            no negative consequences.

2006 bash USAGE:   vpick input-file start_rpnum [ rpnum_inc end_rpnum]
          The ASCII output file is  input-file.vpick

bash script - Click here

2002 csh USAGE: vpick DISPLAY input-file output-vtp-file start_rpnum [ rpnum_inc end_rpnum] DISPLAY - This is the X DISPLAY variable obtained from Unix env command. DISPLAY is the computer (or ip) and screen to use to display the sioseis and Matlab plots. e.g. you type: env | grep DISPLAY computer respose: DISPLAY=grampus:17.0 you type: vpick grampus:17.0 output-vtp-file - The ASCII output file that can be loaded into a sioseis script for nmo parameters. The file will be appended if it already exists.

csh script - Click here

PV-WAVE - Click here