SIOSEIS is a software package for enhancing and manipulating marine seismic reflection and refraction data, was sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Scripps Industrial Associates. The system currently runs on PCs (Linux and CYGWIN) and MacOSX(see below). E-mail for inquires.

Open source - The source code may be downloaded from this site.

New URL: https:/ SIOSEIS is no longer part of SIO or UCSD.

Suggested order of the documentation.

  1. license authors
  2. sioseis - The introduction.
  3. flow - The way data flows through the system.
  4. syntax - The description of the user parameter language.
  5. Definitions - Definition of some terms used in SIOSEIS processing.
  6. spatial variation - A unique way of varying parameter values.
  7. procs - Describes the order of processes and is the main level for retrieving the documentation for each process.

There are some "appendices" such as:

  • SIOSEIS and SEG-D external channel sets - SIOSEIS and SEG-D external channel sets
  • proposed SEG-Y Rev1.1 - Henkart/Lucius April 2013 proposed revisions to SEG-Y Rev. 1
  • Chirp test site - A comparison of different chirp systems near San Diego.
  • HOTRAX - Healy-Oden Trans-Arctic Expedition
  • October 2006 Sea Technology article pg1 pg2 pg3 - "Chirp Sub-Bottom Profiler Processing - A Review"
  • jsf2segy, lstjsf - Tom O'Brien's programs for Edgetech jsf 512i files
  • segy_utils - Tom O'Brien's segy utilities.
  • NMEA - NMEA version 6.4 (June 12, 2003)
  • sio2hp - Convert SIOSEIS rasterfiles to HP RTL files for HP DesignJet plotters.
  • sio2sun - Convert SIOSEIS rasterfiles to Sun rasterfiles. (src tarball).
  • lsd - List an SEG-Y disk file.
  • lsh - Create an index entry of a SEG-Y disk file.
  • dutil - A useful program for snooping around disk files. (example)
  • sioplt - Previews and picks SIOSEIS raster files using X11. (src sioplt.tar).
  • segy2disk - Read a SEG-Y tape to disk. - SUN ONLY
  • segd2disk - Read a SEG-D tape to disk. - SUN ONLY
  • lst - List an SEG-Y tape. SUN ONLY
  • suntops - Convert Sun rasterfiles to PostScript.
  • overlay - Overlay a SIOSEIS plot file.
  • versatec - Send an SIOSEIS rasterfile to a raster plotter.
  • vtplot - Convert and plot velocity profile.
  • distance - Compute the distance between two points.
  • sutil - Dan Lizarralde's useful program for snooping around SEG-Y files. (sutil.tar)
  • tutil - A useful program for snooping around tapes.